PC Repair Phoenix Waivers

  • Customer Supplied Materials Waiver – Please Note: All services where customer supplies the parts/materials render the parts/materials the sole responsibility of the customer. If for any reason any parts/materials are missing and/or defective that are pertinent to the completion of the service – additional charges for labor and/or materials, along with potential lead times, may apply. If this results in the customer wanting to cancel the service – please see our cancellation policy.
  • Cancellation Policy: Any changes/cancellations made after the job/service order approval is received by PC Repair Phoenix from the customer, will be subject to all incurred charges. This includes but is not limited to: a minimum fee of $100.00 as well as any and all costs for fabrication, restocking fees, non-returnable items/material(s), surcharges, and any and all labor expensed towards the job/service order.
  • Warranty Policy: PC Repair Phoenix, and its other subsidiaries, have a limited time warranty on all products as specified by the manufacturer. As well as, a lifetime warranty on workmanship for services rendered by PC Repair Phoenix and its other subsidiaries.

All product warranties apply when purchased through PC Repair Phoenix and its other subsidiaries. Customer provided products and/or products re-used to render service will not be subject to a warranty of any kind. Product warranty only applies if the product(s) are defective and/or subject to the products’ manufacturer warranty policy. All labor to service the defective product(s) is subject to labor charges. Workmanship on services rendered have a lifetime warranty. Any product(s) deemed responsible for the workmanship may not be subject to a warranty.

Warranty service calls will not be subject to a service fee and/or applicable charges unless:

  • There is no evidence of a warranty on the product(s) and/or workmanship performed at the time service was rendered.
  • The product(s) were existing and/or supplied by the customer at the time service was rendered.
  • The product(s) and/or workmanship was altered, damaged, serviced, and/or tampered with by someone other than and/or not authorized by PC Repair Phoenix. (i.e. If an ethernet cable ran from point a to point b, and the installer didn’t test the cable beforehand, he cable failed and had to be re-crimped – this would be covered under warranty. However, if the cable was a temporary solution and holes drilled into walls for installation not wanted by customer resulting in the cable being draped across the house and under rugs and the cable gets pinched in a doorway causing damage by someone other than a representative of PC Repair Phoenix – this would not be covered under warranty.)
  • Any and all software product(s) are not covered under any warranty except the product manufacturer’s warranty if applicable.
  • The product(s) and/or workmanship is subject to the normal wear and tear after the service was rendered.
  • Payment for the product(s) and/or workmanship on the service rendered was not satisfied.
  • Unforseen Waiver: Any and all quotes/estimates given are based on the requested service. The survey has or has not been conducted per the area(s) visibly exposed on the device(s) and/or hardware. Therefore, and area(s) that are concealed, inaccessible, and/or noted after the initial survey [whether it be in person or via description and/or picture(s) provided by the customer as per our Phone Quote Policy] may be subject to additional labor and/or material cost(s). This includes but is not limited to: unlicensed software, damaged circuitry (i.e. bad compacitors, water damage, etc.), and other issue(s) that are not included in the quote/estimate. Therefore, if additional service(s) and/or material and/or labor cost(s) will be required in order to proceed and/or complete the service request, prior authorization for the additional cost(s) for service(s) and/or material(s) will be required before the additional service(s) are performed. If approval is not given, or refused, to complete the service request, PC Repair Phoenix and its subsidiaries have the right to collect for costs incurred in addition to any and all related costs as laid out in our Cancellation Policy.
  • Phone Quote Waiver: Any and all quotes/estimates given over the phone/email/fax based solely off of a description and/or picture(s) provided by the customer may be subject to changes after a PC Repair Phoenix representative has surveyed the job for fabrication and/or service requested by the customer and/or 3rd part representing the customer. Any and all changes will be presented to the customer for additional approval prior to rendering service. At no point is PC Repair Phoenix and its other subsidiaries obligated to abide by any quotes/estimates given over the phone/email/fax, as laid out in this waiver, and have the right of refusal.