Virus Removal Services

Here at PC Repair Phoenix, we offer services to where we can either connect to your computer remotely to, or manually, remove the virus from your device.


Virus & Spyware Removal

With today’s technological advances, hackers and other virus creators have also made their own advances in code. They’ve even made it to where it’s difficult for even the best, top of the line anti-virus programs to detect them. Yes, even if you have McAfee, AVG, Total AV, or one of the other top of the
line anti-virus products. And yes, even if it’s up to date.

Unfortunately, today’s malware can effortlessly bypass your anti-virus software and infect your computer. Anti-virus and anti-malware programs just can’t keep up with all the advances to stop every infection before it happens. The best they can do is fix it after it happens and create updates to stop the infection from happening in future cases.

Free PC Check-Ups

Virus & Worm Removal

Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal

Spyware, Adware, & Malware Removal

Registry Clean-Up for Faster Boot-Up Times


Anti-Virus Programs

Don’t get us wrong though, they can be good for preventative measures. It’s just, anti-virus and malware products can’t stop them all. The worst part about it all, is if your device does get infected, there can be some serious issues that can arise as a result of the infection. It’s not just minor issues like slow internet or processing and freezes or crashes, among other potential symptoms, that can result from an infection on your device. Once you have an infection, the person who gave your device that virus can have access to everything on your device. So not only can they do things on your device, but
steal your identity or use your credit cards.

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